White Paper

Or meow paper...

White Paper for MeowCatMeowBack (MCMB)


Welcome to the purr-tastic world of MeowCatMeowBack, or MCMB for short! This isn't just a meme coin—it's a meowvement. Born on the Solana blockchain amidst the rhythm of the viral Eurovision hit "Baby Lasagna," MCMB is here to make a mark, a meow, and a massive leap not just to the moon, but to Mars!


Our mission is two-fold: First, to see "Baby Lasagna" clinch the crown at Eurosong, filling the world with its catchy tunes. Second, to propel MCMB beyond the bounds of earthly meme coins, leaving the moon to the doggies as we chart a course straight to Mars.

The Inspiration Behind MCMB

During an epic Eurovision viewing party, as "Baby Lasagna" echoed through the room, a lyric missed its response: "Meow Cat, please Meow back." It was then that MCMB was conceived—not just as a token, but as a mission to finally deliver that much-needed "Meow back."

Technical Details

  • Blockchain Platform: Solana

  • Transaction Speed: Quicker than a kitten pouncing on a laser pointer.

  • Total Supply: 777,777,777 MCMB, because lucky sevens are just the beginning.


  • Initial Distribution:

    • 7% to the creators (to fund our Eurosong campaign and cat treats).

    • 1 % to the Baby Lasagna

    • 1 % to the Baby Lasagna cats

    • 1% to buy back Baby Lasagna cow

    • 10% to Meowsale so we have enough SOL to put into liquidity pool

    • 10% earmarked for community rewards, especially for those who help "Baby Lasagna" become a Eurosong legend.

    • 49% into 7 liquidity pools, sturdier than the finest cat tree.

    • 21% reserved for strategic expansions and ensuring MCMB reaches Mars. Or we will just burn them when Croatia wins UEFA Euro cup


  • Q1 2024: Launch of MCMB. Campaign for "Baby Lasagna" at Eurosong.

  • Q2 2024: Celebrate "Baby Lasagna's" victory with massive airdrops to our most active community members.

  • Q3 2024: Develop partnerships with interplanetary travel agencies to promote MCMB as the official currency of Mars.

  • Q4 2024: Inaugurate the first MCMB-themed cat café on Mars (virtual reality version as a teaser).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is MCMB a serious cryptocurrency? A: As serious as a cat on a mission to sneak into a warm lap.

Q: Will MCMB be used for actual transactions? A: Absolutely. While initially a token of support for "Baby Lasagna," our vision includes making MCMB a viable currency for interplanetary transactions.

Q: How can I help MCMB and "Baby Lasagna" achieve their goals? A: Spread the song, support the coin, and strap in for our journey to Mars. Every share, purchase, and meow counts!


MeowCatMeowBack (MCMB) isn't just playing in the litter box. We're set to make galactic history by combining the worlds of music, memes, and Mars. Join us as we meow our way out of this world!